About us


Our Story...

Woodland Blocks was born when two friends combined their passion and talents!

It all started when my good friend Sam, a newborn and family photographer started talking about wanting rustic photo blocks. She wanted these for herself, and also to offer to her clients. She searched and searched, but couldn't find anything like this locally.

My husband has over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing custom acrylics and signage. He has a workshop full of fancy equipment and tools. I have always had a love of art and design, and can turn my hand to almost any kind of craft. This got me thinking...Maybe we could do this?

Sam gave me a few prints, and I made her some demos. We were amazed and fell in love with our creation. We spent the next few months fine tuning our techniques and ingredients. Sam kept supplying me with her prints, and I kept making the blocks. Our walls are now covered with them!

I am confident with all things creative, I am not a photographer. So Sam is on board for all things photography and tech. I take care of the wood, Sam's passion is photography. It's likely that any questions you ask relating to files, images or tech are answered by Sam.

We love the blocks we create, and have so many ideas for new products in the future.

We hope you and your clients love them too.

X  Nic & Sam