How To Order

Everything you need to know about ordering!

Woodland Blocks are available to all professional photographers.

The store is password protected to ensure that only photographers have access to the wholesale prices. You need to contact us directly to get the password, it is seperate from your account password, as accounts are optional.  

Head over to the Contact Page,  complete the contact form and we'll get you a store password pronto.


Step 1... Prepare your files.

Decide on your block size and resize the shape of your image (not the resolution) to match your chosen block.

Circle blocks require a square image, understanding that any corner detail will be removed. 

If you upload a file that has not been reshaped, it can slow down your order, as we will need to contact you to check on this. 


Step 2... Naming your files

Use the following naming rule for your files:

Your initials, block size.jpg.  For example...Samantha Buckley's file for a 20x30cm block would be SBP20x30.jpg

If you are ordering multiples of the same size block, just add a small differentiator.

e.g. SBP20x30a.jpg,   SBP20x30b.jpg,   SBP20x30c.jpg,

We accept files with a colour space of either AdobeRGB or SRGB. 


Step 3...Ordering

Order your products through our online store. You will be sent a confirmation email with your order number.


Step 4... Send Us Your Files!

You can send through your files using the file uploader in the checkout. The file uploader is on the Order Confirmation page, right after you have placed the order. If you miss this page, or you have any troubles, you can also email them to  


Step 5... Sit down, make a mojito, and await your beautiful wall art!