Product Information & FAQ

Product Information

Our Woodland Blocks are handmade photo blocks, beautifully crafted with a rustic and organic finish.  First we have your image professionally printed, then we mount it and seal it onto 20mm wooden blocks.

The surface of the image is sealed, and the edges are hand sanded. You can see a small amount of the wood peeking around the corners and soft brush strokes are visible on the surface.

We have set out to create a high quality fine art product. In making our blocks, we don't use any craft grade products, so no Mod Podge here! All ingredients are archival fine art quality.  

We start with an isolation coat between the print and the wood, to prevent any substrate induced discoloration (SID). Without this, wood can leak oils and impurities into anything attached, and cause yellowing over time.  Next the image is professionally printed using Epson archival pigment inks. We do not do the printing ourselves, but have partnered with a professional printer who gives us consistently great results. Our pro lab is a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio, meaning that the lab has been assessed for excellence in accurate colour management and printing practices, to achieve a consistently high quality output.

The print is mounted on the wood, using techniques designed to eliminate any bubbling or warping of the print.  The edges are hand sanded for a beautiful rustic style and we then seal the image for protection. The sealer we use is actually a fine art varnish, in a matte finish. It is normally used as a museum grade varnish for acrylic artworks. The varnish contains Ultra Violet Light Stabilisers (UVLS) to help reduce inevitable UV fading and damage. It also protects the artwork from dust and moisture damage.

The surface of the block can be dusted with a soft cloth, and even gently wiped with a slightly damp cloth. However the sealer is not hard like furniture varnish, but a flexible polymer, so it WILL scratch if something is dragged across it. Blocks should never be stacked without a protective layer in between, and are only intended for interior use. Like all good artworks, they should be displayed out of direct sunlight. Please remember that ANYTHING will fade if hung in direct sunlight for a long period of time. 

We have set out with the intention of creating a high quality product, that we want to give to our own families.  We have done extensive research into all our ingredients, and if all the tech information is correct...there's no reason why, in normal situations, our blocks shouldn't stand the test of time, and last for generations.

As the wood is a natural product, there are always unique differences and irregularities between pieces. Keep in mind this is a hand made product. Our brush strokes are soft, but visible and there may be slight imperfections between blocks, as is the case with all handmade items. These blocks are created by hand, not by a robot in a factory. 



I'm not a professional photographer, can I order?

No. We understand a photographers desire to have art products that are different and unique. We are a wholesale business only, and store passwords are only provided to professional photographers.


Where are you located?

We are based in Helensburgh, South Sydney Australia. Although we primarily service Australian photographers, we are happy to post our blocks anywhere in the world. Send us a message if you would like an international postage quote.


How long till I receive my order?

Orders are usually dispatched within 3 weeks from from receiving your completed order and image files.


Can I order different sizes or something custom?

Yes! We can create blocks to almost any size. Let us know if you would like something different, and we can create a listing for you. 

Are the blocks easy to hang?

Yes! We have incorporated the most simplest hanging system we could think of. There is a small hole created into the rear of the block, and our blocks hang well from a simple nail or screw in the wall. This way the blocks hang total flat against the wall. If you find that there is some unwanted movement in the hanging block, you can add some self adhesive dots or picture strips for extra support. 

Do you print the images yourself?

No. We know where our skills lie, and its not with professional printing. We have partnered with a well established professional photo lab for all our printing.


Do the blocks have any branding on them?

No...the back of the block is completely plain, without our branding or logos. This means you can stamp, label or sign your blocks to represent you and your own brand. 

What kind of files can I send you?

We only want your high resolution jpeg files for printing.

What colour space do you accept?

We accept either Adobe RGB or SRGB colour space.


Can I place an order from my phone?

You can, however the file uploader doesn't work from mobile devices, so if you place an order from a device you will just need to email us the image files, instead of using the uploader.


What type of wood do you use?

We use 20mm Australian Hoop Pine ply. This wood is sustainably grown and milled in Queensland Australia. We will never use any exotic or rainforest timbers in our products. We choose ply over slab wood for its increased strength and anti warping qualities.